Sunday, July 6, 2008

Forth of July Weekend

We had a very busy and entertaining weekend this 4th of July! We started it off by lighting off some fireworks of our own on the 2nd. We wanted to make sure Kale was comfortable being around the noise before we took him out the rest of the week! Erin and I took turns shooting off our fireworks and to our surprise Kale loved them all! Kale stayed up until about 9:30 PM watching our fireworks and also everyone around us.

On the 3rd we went to Bill's house (Stephanie's Co-Worker) north of town to eat dinner and shoot off more fireworks! Bill had lots of fireworks to shoot, they started shortly before dark with the smaller ones and the non-nighttime fireworks. Then at dark they started with the huge ones! Kale was very entertained with the lights and colors. He jumped a few times when there was a loud boom but never cried! The large fireworks went off for about 30 min and Kale watched all but about the last 7 or 8 min. He even slept through 750 Saturn missles going off!!! Once he was asleep there was nothing that could wake him up!

On the morning of the 4th Erin, Kale and I went for a walk down main street to kick off the parade and daily HutchFest activities. To our surprise the huge crowd that we had expected to join the walk was very small! We ended up being one of the last few to cross the finish line since everyone else was running or biking! Then we stuck around to watch the parade. We found Monica, Michael and Marisa along the way and sat with them for the parade! To our surprise the parade lasted for 2 hours!!!

The afternoon of the 4th Monica, Marisa, Erin, Kale and I went for a swim at the Salt City Splash pool! We had alot of fun watching and playing with the kids in the water! Marisa really liked the water and had great fun playing with Kale and his toys!

After Kale took a long nap! (much needed after his busy day) We went out side to watch more fireworks. Kale watched them for a while but was not near as close as we were to them at Bill's house so he was distracted by everything else around him. We went to the corner of 17th and Plum to watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds. Again Kale watched part of the show and fell asleep!

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