Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Weekend Events!

Yesterday (July 5th) was also a fun and busy day for us! Kales Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Dreiling celebrated their 60th Wedding anniversary! We loaded up the car and took off for Hays about 8:15 AM. We arrived just in time for the party to start! We had a great time seeing everyone! Many people Kale was meeting for the first time! He did very well with everyone around. At first he was a little timid about going to others but after he warmed up to the situation he was passed around to everyone with no objections!

When we got back into Hutch, we went and visited one of Kales other Great Grandmas. Great Grandma Fischer has been having some pain in her back so we went to help cheer her up! Great Grandma really enjoyed seeing him for a little while, and Kale liked to play with all the new things in her room!

Today has been a day of relaxation for Kale and a day to catch up with the house cleaning for Erin and I! Kale was really worn out from the weekend events because he has slept quite a bit today! Erin and I did alot of laundry to help get ready for our vacation next week, and even got grass planted and the rest of the yard mowed!

We had a nice visit from Monica and Marisa today, they were on the way to the store to do a little shopping! Now our day is winding down but Kale is fighting sleep so Erin is rocking with him to see if he can finally get him to fall asleep for the night!

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