Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on Stephanie

Well for anyone who I haven't talked to since our return I just wanted to let everyone know I am still in the hospital but I am starting to feel better slowly! For anyone who doesn't know what was going on here is what happened.

I started to have some pain in my side on Thursday. I just assumed I had ate something that wasn't agreeing and with all the walking we had done, figured it would go away after getting off my feet. The pain didn't go away and was starting to affect my appetite. Sunday night we ended up leaving the final dinner a little early to get on the road a little faster. The pain only started to worsen. Due to being in the car I am sure it didn't help but we drove on to get home as quickly as we could to get home. We pulled into Topeka about 4:40 PM on Sunday and Erin and I decided to get all the way to Hutchinson so I could sleep in my own bed Sunday night. We got into Hutchinson about 8:30 PM and by 9:30 PM decided to head into the ER and get checked out. I was not sure what was wrong but thought maybe it was appendicitis or something like it. After getting checked in the Dr.'s ruled out Appendicitis but found the pain could be caused by my gall bladder. I ended up being moved out the ER and into a room about 3:30 AM Monday morning. Erin and I finally got to bed about 4:30 this AM. After waiting all day for the Nuclear Medicine appointment today to get one final scan I am finally able to have a liquid diet for the evening. I will be staying here again tonight and see a surgeon tomorrow to find out if they are going to remove my gall bladder or if they are just going to treat the inflammation (and possible infection) with antibiotics.

Kale stayed with his Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling last night and during the day today. Erin will be staying at home with this this evening then they will watch him during the day tomorrow, while Erin goes back to work.

If any surgery is going to be done I will keep everyone updated but it will be Wednesday if at all.


PS I will try and get the vacation stuff up one of these days!!!

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